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Stress and Emotional Resilience

Working inside a Health Care environment can be stressful and challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. However research has identified some common stressors associated with modern workplaces, including working with and communicating to a wide variety of people with different values, beliefs and attitudes.

Shift work can be really tough on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Sleep deprivation, nutritional deficiencies, weight gain, general fatigue and depression are common symptoms associated with shift workers. 

Dealing with death and dying on a regular basis – the research says, “the more exposed you are to death and dying, the greater your risk of developing compassion fatigue.” With the processes of death and dying comes managing the emotions and grief of families, relatives and staff.

Finally, time pressures, technology and expectations to do more with less resources creates enormous pressure and stress within teams. This explains why there is an epidemic of bad behaviour among our peers and colleagues in the form of bullying.

The stressors mentioned above are having a serious and detrimental effect on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. They result in dysfunctional workplaces and, according to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) research,” patients are four times more likely to have adverse events and/or die inside these environments.”

Do you want to become more Emotionally Resilient?

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Dean's presentation was brilliant, the importance of self-care and keeping your resilience intact.

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Build your personal resilience – very well presented, great speaker and very engaging and interesting.

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