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About Dean

Dean King is a dynamic nurse leader with a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and expertise.

As a Leadership Specialist, Dean provides expert education, training and coaching that inspire individuals, groups and organisations to realise their leadership potential. With over 12,800 hours of coaching experience and professional expertise in emotional intelligence, communication, team building and stress management, Dean has consistently produced exceptional results for many at both a personal and professional level. He is driven by his passion to improve the professional image and standards of the nursing profession through developing authentic nurse leadership.

Dean has had a distinguished, 30-year career in nursing, including nurse education and training and professional development. After completing his initial hospital based training, Dean’s nursing journey began as a graduate at the Royal Children Hospital, before specialising in paediatric oncology and haematology.

Dean’s passion for nursing soon lead him to the UK where he furthered his knowledge and skills in paediatric nursing. Upon returning home, Dean became an integral part of the team who developed the first Day Oncology Unit at the Mater Children’s Hospital. Dean then took up a position at the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland where he provided practical and emotional support to those undergoing lifesaving treatments.

Due to his own experiences and intense fascination in human behaviour, Dean took a leap of faith into the realm of personal development. This journey included training under the guidance of some of the world’s top coaches and clinicians in the fields of counselling, positive psychology and coaching.

As a result of Dean’s investment in himself and his passion for people, he has the tools and techniques to assist others in making dramatic long-lasting changes in their personal and professional lives.