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The Leadership Series


L - PLATES - learning to drive into Leadership

TARGET AUDIENCE – Beginner practitioner; students, new graduates, and nurses with 1 - 3 years experience


It’s a fun and interactive day that provides you the opportunity to learn some great knowledge and skills, as well as sharing experiences and stories with others. Inside this one-day experiential program you will be challenged and supported to learn more about your emotional intelligence, experience the importance of communication and team work, and build a self-care tool belt. 


  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Improved interviewing and assessment skills
  • Understand the rapport building process
  • Gain a deeper understanding of team work and team dynamics 
  • Learn the value of giving effective feedback
  • Build a self-care tool belt

TESTIMONIAL - Monash Health Services - 'absolutely brilliant'

- Flinders Medical Centre – 'Fantastic day - the information was very relevant to me on my journey to develop my leadership skills'


AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP - Leading by example

TARGET AUDIENCE – Advance practitioner; NUMs, ANUMs, CNs, educators, and nurses with 4 plus years experience 


This program has been designed specifically for nurses in senior leadership and management positions. The day focuses on four key elements, emotional intelligence [EQ], advanced communication skills, building great teams and emotional resilience. The program delivers a high level of engagement, as well as interactive activities that helps participants learn and experience the deeper meanings of the four elements. The program will challenge you to take a deep inward reflection into understanding more about yourself, as well as others.


  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Be able to communicate like an Authentic Leader
  • Inspire and motivate teams
  • Implement strategies to prevent stress and build your emotional resilience
  • Leave feeling more confident and empowered, and equipped to meet future challenges

TESTIMONIAL - Western Health Services (VIC)  - “I  think all ANUMS and even NUMS could benefit from this workshop.Confronting, valuable lessons learnt'

                         - Western Health Services (VIC)  -“I appreciate being included in such an amazing leadership day. As a new acting NUM my  thoughts were challenged with new strategies suggested'



Thinking outside the square Executive Leadership



This program is based on ‘Design Thinking’ methodology.The day takes you through activities and creative processes that solidify the vision and produces a road map so you and your team can drive cultural and organisational change successfully.  


  • Identify the roles, responsibility and accountability frameworks
  • Categorise real and potential risks
  • Experience the creativity of brainstorming and the solution focused mind set
  • Develop a road map for the implementation of plans and required actions
  • Implement an effective feedback mechanism that can measure and track progress


Give Dean an opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we could create a unique session or day that meets your individual needs and organisational requirements.

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I found Dean to be a true leader, encouraging at all times, identifying what may not have been effective and suggesting possible options to try. Dean was available beyond the course to work through any of my concerns, coaching me on my uncertainty, empowering me beyond my limits and sharing his own knowledge and so that I would learn and grow.