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Communication & Team Work

We all deserve to feel valued and great about ourselves at home and at work. Communication and Team Work are the essence of any happy, healthy and successful business or organisation, relationship or family.

Research indicates that over 70% of all errors, accidents and adverse events that occur inside the Health Care environment can be tracked back to poor communication. So the question needs to be asked, “Why do we not invest more time and place more emphasis on communication training inside the education models as well as the workplace?

The justification for better communication training is simple; poor communication leads to poor team work which leads to poor performance and productivity, and a subsequent increase in stress and financial costs associated with sick leave and staff turnover. As the dysfunctional and often aggressive cycle grows and grows, a destructive work culture is born. And, inside all this turmoil, let’s not forget the poor patient outcomes.

The results are toxic workplaces, not only for the Health Care Professionals but for the customer, the patient and their relatives, and the organisation.

Dean’s Communication and Team Building sessions are highly engaging and valuable. He has a unique style of coaching and training that’s thought provoking, inclusive and creates a deep impact on a personal level.

Investing in the personal and professional development of your team and staff is the only way to ensure you can survive and thrive in this dynamic and ever changing world!

Richard Branson said “if you take care of the workers, they’ll take care of the clients”.

Do you want a tailored made program to build a Resilient & High Performing Team?

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I found Dean's presentations excellent – suggestions on how to address issues. Needed much more time with Dean.

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Being able to manage people can be the biggest challenge and Dean's sessions helped shed light on this area.

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